Pick Up/Purchase Pallets

Van/Trailer Exchange


Pallets will be back hauled from our customer’s location or trucked in on their terms.

Each pallet will be sorted, repaired to customer provided specifications, then returned back or stored at our facility until needed. Spreadsheets will be provided on a per-load or monthly basis, tracking and documenting each and every pallet serviced. Say good bye to guesstimates and hello to transparency!


New and/or reclaimed lumber is available for any pallet requirement.

A pallet will be built to exact customer specifications or have our design team create the most cost effective solution for your shipping and packaging needs.

Pallet Sorting

each load of pallets purchased by PRS can be sorted, counted and continually tracked according to our customer’s specifications.

A spreadsheet can be provided at any time stating exactly how many of each size, and then the corresponding price that PRS pays, so check issuance is accurate and prompt to our valued customer.

7 Days A Week, and Around the Clock

Pick up and ordering available when a 24 hour turn around will just not do!

On Site Dry Van or Flat Bed Trailer Staging

For customers to conveniently load any unwanted or broken pallets to be sold to PRS.

Wood Waste Recycling

Metal roll off containers can be placed at the customer’s facility to remove all wood waste.

Our customers can feel completely accountable knowing that all of their wood waste is staying out of a landfill and being processed for further use.

Damaged Or Shifted Load Programs

Either at the customer’s facility or our own, we will unload and repackage any damaged or shifted loads.

Pallet Coloring and Stenciling

Including customer name, pallet size or any phrase

Stenciled on each outside stringer with virtually any color imaginable. Also complete pallet color coding for easy identification by customer employees and management of your pallet pool.

Heat Treatment for ISPM 15 Exporting

Svailable for any pallet, ISPM 15 certified heat treatment process can be performed and an accompanying certificate given with each load.


With many years’ experience in the pallet industry, we know that sometimes a pallet is just a pallet. What separates Pallet Recovery Service Inc. from our competition is SERVICE.

We promise quality products with on time delivery in Northern California.

When it comes to pallet suppliers we know you have a choice. Our steadfast commitment is customer satisfaction. We know there are other reputable pallet suppliers in the Central Valley, so we will never take a customer for granted. Our customers think of us as a partner and we are very much honored to know that they consider us friends as well as business associates.

We greatly appreciate you choosing Pallet Recovery Service, Inc. for providing you the most cost effective pallet and logistic solutions.

Our mission at Pallet Recovery Service Inc. is to set new industry standards in service, quality, and integrity through our professional and fair dealings with customers, suppliers and employees while continuing to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations in the wooden pallet industry of the highest quality construction and most cost effective solutions possible through sustainable building practices of repair, reuse, and recycle.


Pallet Recovery Service Inc. is an Earth friendly, green company, with our 100% recycling program.

We have a zero wood waste management program that is not only cost effective for our customer but a viable and necessary practice of accountability of our manufacturing industry. How we offer this service is by having roll off truck bins available for our customer’s onsite staging. Our customers will place their accumulated wood waste in our provided bin and once full, we will come and swap out the bin for an empty. We will then bring the wood waste to our recycling facility to have it ground up and used for mulch or wood shavings. Not only will we recycle our customer’s wood waste but also 100% of our own as well. Any wood waste accumulated at PRS is recycled and processed for further benefit and absolutely zero is placed in a landfill!

Pallet Recovery Service Inc. is an Earth friendly, green company, with our 100% recycling program.

Our Team

Matt Haugrud